.NET Foundation March 2019 Update

Here’s the March edition of the .NET Foundation newsletter! Every month, we’ll give you a quick overview of the .NET Open Source landscape, including top project news, events, community links and more.

This month’s newsletter includes:

.NET Foundation Election Results Are In!
Membership Is Still Open
Visual Studio 2019 launches on April 2nd!
News from .NET Foundation member projects
.NET Meetup news

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.NET Foundation Election: Results Are In!

Our first ever .NET Foundation board member elections wrapped up on March 28! Meet the new board!

The new community elected board will direct the .NET Foundation completely: what projects join, how to support them, how the .NET Foundation interacts with the open source community, etc. So it’s great to have such an amazing group of open source .NET heroes in charge!

This was an incredibly competitive race, with 45 very qualified candidates competing for 6 open positions (Beth Massi is Microsoft’s one appointed board member, the rest are all elected by .NET Foundation Members.

Please take some time to get to know these candidates by looking through their campaign statements and becoming familiar with their goals for this next year. We’ll be working to turn these into concrete plans, and will let you know both what we’re doing and how you can get involved.

Speaking of getting involved…

Membership Is Still Open

We encouraged the community to join the .NET Foundation to participate in the election. If you haven’t yet, it’s still worth doing, and we’d love to have you. Membership is open year-round, and our members will be part of the team that executes on our next step.

Apply for .NET Foundation Membership

Visual Studio 2019 launches on April 2nd!

.NET Foundation is a sponsor of the Visual Studio 2019 launch event happening on April 2nd. Tune in to watch some great sessions from the people that build Visual Studio. Many of our awesome .NET meetups are also organizing around the globe to bring you local, in-person launch events between April 2nd and the end of June. Join your fellow developers in a city near you to learn more about Visual Studio 2019 and have some fun! Thank you to all our organizers!

.NET Foundation Project Updates

NUnit: Lots of releases!

NUnit VSTest adapter 3.13 was released. This release introduces the ability to produce NUnit result XML.

NUnit Console and Engine 3.10 were also released, bringing lots of new functionality to .NET Standard platforms with a new .NET Standard 2.0 build in the main engine package. A new `–testparam` console option supersedes `–params` in order to allow test parameters to contain semicolons. These are just two of a myriad of fixes and enhancements.

We have even more releases for you! The NUnit VS Test Generator and NUnit VS Template extensions have been released with support for VS2019, and NUnit’s TeamCity Event Listener 1.0.6 was also released with improvements including support for test metadata and suite patterns.

Steeltoe 2.2.0 Released!

Steeltoe 2.2.0 is now GA! Lots of new features around management endpoints, service discovery, configuration, client-side load balancer, connectors, and other improvements. Here is an excellent blog post from David Dieruf breaking down the newest features: Steeltoe 2.2 Gives Your .NET Microservices a Boost.

Orleans 2.3.0: ASP.NET Core Hosting API support and More!

Orleans 2.3.0 was released with the hosting APIs aligned with ASP.NET Core, EventHub dependency update, automatic cleanup of cluster membership table, hosted client enabled by default, Linux CPU/memory statistics, and other improvements and fixes.


Our .NET Foundation sponsored .NET Meetup Pro groups have grown tremendously this past month! Here are some quick stats:

281 Groups (+26 from the past month!!!)
529 Countries (+7 from the past month!!!!)
188K Members (+17K in the past 90 days!!!!!!)

We’ve also started sending newsletters to Meetup organizers, including some links for some free swag for their groups. If your meetup hasn’t joined yet, you can right here.

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