.NET Summer Hackfest Update: Session 2 Wrap-up

.NET Summer Hackfest is a .NET Foundation sponsored, community run open source hacking party. We’ve got a series of three sessions, each two weeks long, and we’ve just finished the second session. You can read more about the overall event and how to get involved here.

In the next post, I’ll be sharing more about how you can get involved in our final session for this event. This post is all about calling out the the exciting things our Session 2 projects accomplished.

DotVVM: An Open Source MVVM framework for Web Apps

DotVVM is an innovative MVVM (model-view-viewmodel) front-end web framework that offers a clean programming model, over 25 built-in controls, and support for both “classic” ASP.NET (OWIN) and ASP.NET Core. The DotVVM team had a pretty ambitious list of goals, and it’s great to see all they got done in just two weeks!

Since the project core team is located in Prague, they hosted an in-person event. In just one day, they:

Got a good start on a Visual Studio Code extension
Created a prototype to enable using React components as DotVVM controls, dramatically increasing the number of controls available to DotVVM developers
Created a property to allow globally enabling or disabling all controls on a form

See the DotVVM blog to read more about their hackfest event, as well as this summary of all they’ve accomplished in the past two weeks.

Brighter: A Lightweight Command Processor and Dispatcher

Brighter is a Command Processor & Dispatcher implementation that can be used as a lightweight library in other projects. It can be used for implementing Ports and Adapters and CQRS (PDF) architectural styles in .NET. The team saw several new contributors, got a bunch done and has a few issues still being worked on. Bringing new contributors on to projects who could continue to participate after the session ends was one of our goals, so it’s great to see that happening!

The Brighter team hosted a meetup in London, which looks like it was both a productive and fun time.


A huge thanks to the project leaders for organizing, and to those who showed up. It’s fun to see some contributors participating in both sessions so far!

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