• Client Side PDF Generation In Angular With jsPDF.
    Client Side PDF Generation In Angular With jsPDF. In this Angular PDF tutorial, i’m getting to share with you ways to export PDF come in Angular application  exploitation the jsPDF package. we are able to generate PDF for numerous documents like invoices, reports, forms etc. in an exceedingly net application, we are able to produce […]
  • Running cronjobs via an Openswoole timer
    Sites I build often utilize cronjobs to periodically pull in data from other sources. For example, I might want to poll an API once a day, or scrape content from another website once a month. Cronjobs are a perfect fit for this. However, cron has a few problems: If the job is writing information into […]
  • What Is API and How API Works
    What is an API How API works Examples of APIs we use every day Weather snippets Log in using social media accounts Twitter bots Travel booking Conclusion What is an API An Application Programming Interface (API) is a gateway that allows one App to communicate with other Apps – and defines how that communication occurs. […]
  • PHP MySQL Select Data Using In Page
    PHP MySQL Select Data Using In Page  – The following example selects the id, firstname and lastname columns from the MyGuests table and displays it on the page: Select Data From a MySQL Database The SELECT statement is used to select data from one or more tables: SELECT column_name(s) FROM table_name or we can use […]
  • 351: Moving to PostgreSQL from MySQL
    As you read this, CodePen is 100% on PostgreSQL for our main relational database. It was a transition that took a couple weeks of pretty intense effort, and lots of planning and prep before that. I’ve got Alex on the show to talk about it, as he was the main instigator and led the effort, […]
  • Announcing .NET MAUI Preview 12
    Today we are shipping a Preview 12 of .NET Multi-platform App UI with many quality improvements and some new capabilities. As we near shipping our first stable release, the balance of work begins to shift towards quality improvements and stabilization, though there are still some interesting new things to highlight including: New documentation for App […]
  • Top 8 Material UI Templates
    Table of Content Introduction Why Use Material UI Material UI Pros of Material UI Cons of Material UI Top Material UI Templates Hulk React Material Admin by Flatlogic MaterialPro EasyDev Enlite Prime – React Admin Dashboard Template Crema Reactify Egret Building New Apps with Flatlogic ConclusionSuggested articles Introduction The foundations for Material UI templates originate […]
  • Verify a #US Driver’s License via an #API in C#
    This is an API I discovered while hunting on Rapid API, and it seems like an interesting find, and potential future addition to RegCheck – It’s a Driver License verification API for the US, in some 37 states, which is most of the country – here; https://rapidapi.com/appaio/api/drivers-license-verify-usa/ var driversLicense = new { State = “FL”, […]
  • Top 20+ Bootstrap Dashboard Templates to Use Absolutely Free
    Admin dashboard templates strong suits Bootstrap framework benefits Free Bootstrap admin dashboard templates Modular admin Sing App HTML5 LITE Concept Flatlogic One Bootstrap Admin Kit Soft UI Dashboard Star Admin Free  SB Admin 2 Stisla Ample Bootstrap Admin Lite Material Dashboard Dark Edition Dashio CoreUI Argon   Kapella Purple Majestic Dashboard ArchitectUI Cool admin Bluebox Free […]
  • 14 Great Admin Panel Themes for Ecommerce
    Table of content Types of eCommerce platforms Developing custom solutions eCommerce templates explained Notable eCommerce templates Conclusion Bonus!Honorable Mention: Hound Creating your own Apps with Flatlogic Platform Types of eCommerce platforms Here’s a thing about modern software development: when you want to launch an online store, you usually turn to ready-made platforms, both paid and […]
  • Protobuf In C# .NET – Part 4 – Performance Comparisons
    This is a 4 part series on working with Protobuf in C# .NET. While you can start anywhere in the series, it’s always best to start at the beginning! Part 1 – Getting Started Part 2 – Serializing/Deserializing Part 3 – Using Length Prefixes Part 4 – Performance Comparisons We’ve made mention in previous posts […]
  • In defense of books
    When I’m asked “what podcasts do you listen to?”, after an uncomfortable pause I’m forced to answer that “I usually don’t”. The full explanation is almost always too long for a brief friendly chat, but I did manage to articulate it to friends a couple of times in recent history; I think it’s time to […]
  • Use FIDO2 passwordless authentication with Azure AD
    This article shows how to implement FIDO2 passwordless authentication with Azure AD for users in an Azure tenant. FIDO2 provides one of the best user authentication methods and is a more secure authentication compared with other account authentication implementations such authenticator apps, SMS, email, password alone or SSI authentication. FIDO2 authentication protects against phishing. To […]
  • Protobuf In C# .NET – Part 3 – Using Length Prefixes
    This is a 4 part series on working with Protobuf in C# .NET. While you can start anywhere in the series, it’s always best to start at the beginning! Part 1 – Getting Started Part 2 – Serializing/Deserializing Part 3 – Using Length Prefixes Part 4 – Performance Comparisons (Coming Soon) In the last post […]
  • State of the Windows Forms Designer for .NET Applications
    For the last several Visual Studio release cycles, the Windows Forms (WinForms) Team has been working hard to bring the WinForms designer for .NET applications to parity with the .NET Framework designer. As you may be aware, a new WinForms designer was needed to support .NET Core 3.1 applications, and later .NET 5+ applications. The […]