• 374: Kevin Powell
    This week I got to speak with Kevin Powell! Kevin has had tremendous success on YouTube educating people about CSS ‘n’ friends. But like so many good content creators, he’ll meet with where you are at and what you need — his personal site has written articles, resources, courses, and a newsletter. Kevin is a […]
  • React fetch data guide
    Fetch data is a basic requirement of practically every React application. There are a variety of ways to fetch data in React, including the built-in Fetch API, Axios, async/await syntax, and others. We’ll look at some of these methods in detail. React components can simply fetch their data. There are several options where to fetch […]
  • Sing App React and Light Blue React Admin templates Update
    We are happy to announce an update of one of our first React Admin Templates – Sing App React and Light Blue React! What react admins are affected by the update? Current 5 React Admin boilerplates are affected by updates: Sing App React Sing App React Node.js Sing App React Java Light Blue React Light […]
  • Top Tools every Software Developer should know in 2022
    With the increase in popularity of software development in the market, the adoption of its tools has also increased. Now, programmers prefer to use the right software developer tool while creating a solution for the client as it makes their lives easier. Besides, the right set of tools can help in getting the maximum output […]
  • 373: Script Injection with Cloudflare Workers
    This week Shaw and Chris dig into some deepnerd tech stuff: manipulating HTML. In a perfect world, perhaps we wouldn’t need to, but today, and even moreso in the foreseeable future of CodePen, we need to do a smidge of HTML manipulation on the HTML that you write or that is generated by code you […]
  • Is React a Framework? Software Engineer Answering
    By definition – React is one of the most popular JavaScript UI libraries nowadays. It comes in second place after jQuery among all web frameworks! React’s popularity has grown rapidly thanks to a simple and declarative API that allows you to build high-performance applications, and that momentum keeps growing. Still, there is often discussion and […]
  • Creating full-stack web applications based on database schema for free!
    Today, we’re excited to announce the free pricing plan for our CRUD tool. That means that more customers than ever before can use Flatlogic for creating a proper CRUD React/Vue/Angular web application based on the database schema. What can you do with the free plan for the CRUD tool You can expect the same features […]
  • Starting a Web App in 2022 [Research Results]
    We are finally happy to share with you the results of the world’s first study on how developers start a web application in 2022. For this research, we wanted to do a deep dive into how engineers around the globe are starting web apps, how popular the use of low-code platforms and what tools are […]
  • 372: Trends
    This week Marie and Chris get together to chat about what’s been hot hot hot on CodePen lately. We’ve discovered there is a really taking to the creamy cardstock look, for one thing. Typography is always great, but we’re seeing more typographic trickery often including variable fonts. While not new, there are still loads of […]
  • React Labs: What We’ve Been Working On – June 2022
    React 18 was years in the making, and with it brought valuable lessons for the React team. Its release was the result of many years of research and exploring many paths. Some of those paths were successful; many more were dead-ends that led to new insights. One lesson we’ve learned is that it’s frustrating for […]
  • 12+ Best Node.js Frameworks for Web App Development in 2022
    Node.js is getting increasingly popular among developers, to the point where some developers call Node.js their primary choice for backend development. In this article, we review the 12 best Node.js web frameworks that we rate according to their popularity and unique toolkits for time and cost-efficiency. Is Node.js a web framework? So is Node.js a […]
  • Javascript Clean Code Principles
    One of the books that has most influenced my life is The Elements of Style by Strunk and White. I took a technical writing class in college where we closely studied its recommendations. The book is short and contains over 100 side-by-side comparisons of less effective and more effective writing. Reading it made me realize that I […]
  • Angular Material Admin Template Update
    Angular Material Admin is updated and use latest dependencies. What products are affected by the update? Currently, the updates were released on 2 products: Angular Material Admin Template Full Angular Material Admin .NET Core What has changed? The main update is touch the version of Angular itself, now the template are built on 13 version […]
  • 371: Jon Kantner
    I got to speak to Jon Kantner! Jon is an incredibly prolific creator, and I believe has the most appearances in the CodePen Spark of any creator. Like so many other creators I’ve talked to Jon also shares what he knows in a variety of ways, like writing (see his personal site, or articles he […]
  • Vue Material Admin Update
    Right after we have updated React Material Admin we also do the same with Vue Material Admin. What products are affected by the update? The update was released on 3 products: Vue Material Admin Full Vue Material Template Node.js Vue Material Laravel Template What has changed? The main changes are in updated dependencies. We also […]