• The Hot Reload Debacle
    There’s been a bit of a hoopla lately around Microsoft pulling a feature from the upcoming .NET 6 release. The feature in question is “Hot Reload”. I’m going to do a post in the future that goes more in depth as to what hot reload can and can’t do, but it’s pretty darn impressive and […]
  • ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 6 Release Candidate 2
    .NET 6 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) is now available. .NET 6 RC2 is very close to the final build of .NET 6 that we expect to ship in November this year in time for .NET Conf 2021. It’s also a “go live” release, so you’re welcome to use it in production. .NET 6 RC2 primarily […]
  • Dew Drop – October 22, 2021 (#3543)
    Top Links Update on .NET Hot Reload progress and Visual Studio 2022 Highlights (Dmitry Lyalin) We’ve upgraded the UI in Visual Studio 2022 (Emily Stoll) Debugging Android Applications with the Windows Subsystem for Android (Nick Randolph) Improved authoring and debugging experiences in Microsoft Edge DevTools and Visual Studio Code (Chris Heilmann) See your app on […]
  • .NET Framework October 2021 Security and Quality Rollup
    Yesterday, we released the October 2021 Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework. Security The October Security and Quality Rollup does not contain any new security fixes. See February 2021 Security and Quality Rollup for the latest security updates. Quality and Reliability This release contains the following quality and reliability improvements. CLR1 Addresses a performance […]
  • Contributing to .NET MAUI Community Toolkit
    We recently introduced the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit and are now ready to accept community contributions! We’ve revamped the workflow for adding New Features and are sharing it today to help facilitate your future contributions. To keep track of the new workflow, we have created a GitHub Project Board where you can follow along: New […]
  • What’s new in F# 6
    We’re excited to announce the availability F# 6, shipping with .NET 6 RC2 and Visual Studio 2022 RC2. It’s the next step to making it easier for you to write robust, succinct and performant code. You can get F# 6 in the following ways: Install the latest .NET 6 SDK RC2 preview Install Visual Studio […]
  • Update on .NET Hot Reload progress and Visual Studio 2022 Highlights
    Earlier this year we announced .NET Hot Reload, an ambitious project to bring Hot Reload to as many .NET developers as possible. We started this journey with a first preview available in Visual Studio 2019 and promised a lot more to come in Visual Studio 2022 where the full experience would ship. I am excited […]
  • Simple and lightweight UUID generator with parser in JavaScript
    About: A simple and lightweight UUID (Universally Unique Identifiers) generator with parser in JavaScript, which is also compatible with node.js. Which means, same library can be used for browser and node.js too. Basic features: Can generate up to 262143 different ids in one second; Can keep sequence Generated id‘s length is 15. less than others. […]
  • Dew Drop – October 21, 2021 (#3542)
    Top Links Updated Debugging Experience, UWP Apps, and Debug Windows Docker containers in Rider 2021.3 (Rachel Appel) What’s new in F# 6 (Kathleen Dollard) Announcing Android apps on Windows 11 Preview for Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel (Brandon LeBlanc) Windows Terminal Preview 1.12 Release (Kayla Cinnamon) Contributing to .NET MAUI Community Toolkit (Brandon Minnick) […]
  • Flatlogic Web App Generator+GitHub!
     Hello coders! Our full-stack web app generator got integration with well-known and well-liked GitHub. Now you can add projects to your GitHub account where you will see a repository with the project made on the web app generator. If you make an update to your project in the generator, all the updates will be pushed […]
  • 338: With Lynn Fisher
    Lynn Fisher is my guest this week! You might know her as @lynnandtonic on CodePen and most other platforms. We get to talk about her A Single Div project and all the CSS magic that goes into those, other creative projects and why those are so satisfying, a recent transition over to Netlify, and the […]
  • A React Date Range Picker, Customizable And Feature Rich
    Description: A fully responsive feature rich React date range picker which is fully customizable and various features are available. Features: Theme which is fully Compatible with your Material-UI theme, Multiple Month, Auto Responsive It Supports Jalali & Gregorian You can use Day.js an alternative of moment.js How can I use it? First, you need to […]
  • Elementz: React UI Component Library For Modern Applications
    Description: Elementz is a React UI component library which can very helpful for you if, you are creating a modern application. The good thing about this component library is, its easy to implement in your existing or new project very quickly. How can I use it? First, install the Elementz component using NPM. npm i […]
  • Simple and fast unique GUID generator in JavaScript
    About: A simple and fast unique GUID generator in JavaScript, which is simple to integrate in your pure JavaScript project and also compatible with Node.js. Features: It works based on milliseconds therefore, duplication is not possible It usually takes to execute between 0.1ms and 0.5ms It does supports node.js and client side How to install […]
  • Dew Drop – October 20, 2021 (#3541)
    Top Links Learn to build great Progressive Web Apps (Patrick Brosset) Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event (Mark Downie) Node.js 17 is here! (Bethany Griggs) Microsoft Says ‘.NET 5/6 Will Not Be Coming to UWP Project Types,’ Developers Sound Off (David Ramel) Web & Cloud Development Azure Functions With .Net 5 – Execution On Isolated Process […]