• The New Change View Menu
    We’ve been plucking away at some UI changes that will help slowly morph our existing Pen Editor into the editor we’re imagining for the future. That will be a big change, someday, but in order to make it feel less abrupt, we’re doing smaller changes where we can so that the final change won’t feel […]
  • #327: 99.999% Uptime
    Chris & Alex talk about DevOps, servers, and keeping CodePen online at all times. We were are 100% for the year until a few weeks ago when we had a 10 minute drop. That still keeps us in the realm of 99.99% uptime, where we get 52 minutes and 35 seconds of downtime per year, […]
  • Save Pen Dropdown
    Just a quick note on this Pen Editor UI/UX change. The Save button used to be only that. You click it, the Pen saves. It’s only other job is a little line on the top of it to let you know when the Pen has unsaved changes. We’ve updated it to have a little dropdown […]
  • Spicing Up the UI: a Guide for Approaching CSS Animations
    Basic principles of animation CSS-animations Speed of the website FPS: How it works 60 FPS FPS. Debugging Rendering in the browser Acceleration 3D in CSS Where to get inspiration from To sum up Afterword I guess every front-end developer had that moment in their career when work on a website was already at the finish […]
  • #326: Design Pattern Deepdives: Tabs and InfoBox
    Chris and Stephen pick out a couple of components from our design pattern library (which we talked about last here) and go into why they exist, what they do, what makes them complex, and the API choices. Relatively new to us is the idea of compound components which have, so far, been good to us […]
  • How to Use Material UI Icons In React
    Introduction in Material UI Icons In React Hello, Bonjour and Guten Tag to you. We have said it many times before and we won’t get tired of repeating that there are no small things when developing a project. The reasoning behind this belief we have is that in the modern Digital Age you don’t just […]
  • #325: New Embed Modal
    Chris and Stephen talk about the New Embed Modal. We got to re-architect the thing into our modern stack, using all our latest design patterns, and improve the UX of it quite a bit while we were at it. This is something like the 4th generation of that experience, and we’re already eyeing up future […]
  • Top 20 Best React Website Templates for React Developers [Free and Premium]
    React website templates. React Overview. What can you build with the help of React templates?  What is a good React web template? How to choose a website template to start building your project The List of React website templates The List of React admin dashboards About Flatlogic React website templates. React overview. There are lots […]
  • jQuery vs JavaScript. Why we Removed jQuery from our Templates? [Updated 2021]
    jQuery vs. JavaScript JavaScript What is JavaScript used for? JavaScript web development capabilities allow websites to perform actions such as refreshing specific parts of a page without reloading the entire website, displaying pop-up messages, or introducing animations into 2D or 3D graphics. Overall, the main impact is on client-side development, but JavaScript can now do […]
  • Dew Drop – July 19, 2021 (#3487)
    Top Links Up & Running w/ OData in ASP.NET 6 (Hassan Habib) Easier browser debugging with Developer Tools integration in Visual Studio Code (MS Edge Team) Camera Preview Control for WinUI, UWP and Uno (iOS & Android) Applications (Nick Randolph) .NET Foundation Election 2021 Nominations are Open! (Iris Classon) Design your Web Forms apps with […]
  • Setting HTTP status code based on Exception in Slim 4
    One thing that’s quite convenient is to be able to throw an exception with a valid HTTP code set and have that code sent to the client. For example, you may have: throw new RuntimeException(“Not Found”, 404); With the standard Slim 4 error handler, this response is sent to the client: $ curl -i -H […]
  • Create Liquid Swipe Effect In Your React Project With LiquidSwipe Component
    Description: Are you looking to create Swipe animation in your application? If yes then, you can use LiquidSwipe library to create liquid swipe effect in your React project. Lets see how. How to use it? 1. Download the library using ‘Download’ button above and include in your component directory. 2. Then, import the component in […]
  • Python reverse NumPy array
    In this Python tutorial, we will discuss Python reverse NumPy array with a few examples like below: Python reverse array sort reverse Python numpy inverse array Python numpy invert array Python numpy flip array Python reverse numpy array In this section, we will discuss Python reverse numpy array. We can easily use the list slicing() […]
  • Accessing PostgreSQL databases in Go
    This post discusses some options for accessing PostgreSQL databases from Go. I’ll only be covering low-level packages that provide access to the underlying database; this post is not about ORMs, which were covered earlier in this blog. The full source code accompanying this post is on GitHub. We’re going to be using a simple data […]
  • A Simple Bootstrap Drop-down Menu For React
    Description: Create simple and beautiful Bootstrap drop-down menu for your React project. It will work just like a user setting drop-down menu on the top right. The drop-down menu will open on ‘Click’ event. How to use it? 1. Install the component with npm. npm install react-bootstrap-dropdown-menu –save 2. Include the Bootstrap library if not […]