PHP XML Parser Functions | XML Parse Extensions

PHP XML Parser Functions | XML Parse Extensions –  XML parse Extensions are works based on libxml. The following xml parsers are available in the php core.

Simple XML parser
DO XML parser
XML parser
XML Reader

Simple XML parser

The Simple XML parser also called as tree based XML parser and it will parse the simple XML file. Simple XML parse will call simplexml_load_file() method to get access to the xml from specific path.

DOM parser

DOM Parser also called as a complex node parser, Which is used to parse highly complex XML file. It is used as interface to modify the XML file. DOM parser has encoded with UTF-8 character encoding.

XML parse

XML parsing is based on SAX parse. It is more faster the all above parsers. It will create the XML file and parse the XML. XML parser has encoded by ISO-8859-1, US-ASCII and UTF-8 character encoding.

XML Reader

XML Reader parse also called as Pull XML parse. It is used to read the XML file in a faster way. It works with high complex XML document with XML Validation.

PHP XML Parser Functions

Decodes an UTF-8 string to ISO-8859-1

Encodes an ISO-8859-1 string to UTF-8

Returns an error string from the XML parser

Returns the current byte index from the XML parser

Returns the current column number from the XML parser

Returns the current line number from the XML parser

Returns an error code from the XML parser

Parses an XML document

Parses XML data into an array

Creates an XML parser with namespace support

Creates an XML parser

Frees an XML parser



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