Samsung joins the .NET Foundation Technical Steering Group

At the end of March, we announced the creation of the Technical Steering Group in the .NET Foundation. This was created to help open up how technical decisions are made in the .NET platform as well as keep everyone on the same page as to the direction of the combined projects that make up the core components of .NET. As V1.0 of .NET Core ships today and the tooling enters Preview 2, it is more important than ever that major stakeholders in the future of .NET can get together regularly and discuss the future direction of the platform overall. 

Today I’m thrilled to announce that Samsung are joining Microsoft, Red Hat, JetBrains and Unity in the Technical Steering Group. Samsung have been a major contributor to .NET Core in recent months and I’m hopeful that their increased involvement in the future of .NET will only help increase their participation.

.NET is a great technology that dramatically boosts developer productivity. Samsung has been contributing to .NET Core on GitHub – especially in the area of ARM support – and we are looking forward to contributing further to the .NET open source community. Samsung is glad to join the .NET Foundation’s Technical Steering Group and help more developers enjoy the benefits of .NET.
— Hong-Seok Kim, Vice President, Samsung Electronics

Today over half of the contributions to corefx and coreclr come from outside of Microsoft and that trend is increasing while the overall amount of contribution also keeps on growing. The early performance numbers show the performance of .NET Core is simply astounding – driven by the diverse mix of contributors to the platform.

The future of .NET is clearly very bright and seems to get better every day. I’m looking forward to working with Hong-Seok Kim and his team at Samsung along with everyone else in the .NET community to help bring the all benefits of .NET to more platforms and more developers.

— Martin Woodward, Executive Director.

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