Search #Skype users via an #API, by name or email address

Skype has been around since 2003 and has over 660 million registered users. This is an API wrapper that allows access to the user search facility of the consumer version of skype (i.e. not Skype4business), via a simple interface that allows searching via email address or name

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This API takes a single parameter, which can be either a name “Robert Smith”, or an email address [email protected]

The response will be in JSON, following a format similar to this;

“requestId”: “689067”,
“results”: [
“nodeProfileData”: {
“skypeId”: “bobbys88881”,
“name”: “Rob Smith”,
“avatarUrl”: “”,
“country”: “Ireland”,
“countryCode”: “ie”,
“contactType”: “Skype4Consumer”,
“avatarImageUrl”: “”

Above is a sample search for “[email protected]

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