Seq 2021.1 is released 🎉

In case you missed it, we’ve also included updates in 2020.5, which was released on Dec 24, 2020. 🎄

Download Seq 2021.1 for Windows, or docker pull datalust/seq:latest

What’s new in 2021.1?

Seq 2021.1 rolls up a number of bug fixes and small improvements:

OpenID Connect and Azure Active Directory authentication now work properly under Kubernetes ingress paths

Collapse all is now an option on nested objects in event properties
The dashboard Save button now enables immediately when typing in the query editor
Seq 2021.1 uses .NET 5.0.2, which addresses a denial-of-service vulnerability in .NET 5

Various query parsing and translation bugs have been fixed

seqcli user create now applies user roles correctly from the command-line

For detailed release contents, see the GitHub milestone.

What shipped in 2020.5?

Seq 2021.1 includes all of Seq 2020.5. In case you missed it, here’s a run-down of that release.

Seq now runs under .NET 5, bringing significant improvements in execution time for some fundamental queries:

Seq 2020.5 query performance against 2020.4 and 5.1, with data served from memory and from/to dates specified.

The first example, on the left, shows how text search under .NET 5 speeds up searching for strings in log events: by 34%, in this benchmark.

The second example, grouping slow requests by path and status code, was also sped up by the migration to .NET 5: a 10% improvement on our test data set. (You can see a bigger jump going from Seq 5 to Seq 2020, where parallel query execution was introduced.)

Seq plug-in apps and inputs now run under the open-source seqcli app host, making development easier and cross-platform deployment more reliable.

We also managed to save some bytes to shrink the Windows installer (34%) and Docker image (16%, compressed).

Oh, and workspaces have been redesigned: you can now associate default signals with a workspace, and they’ll be activated when you switch between workspaces 😎.

For detailed 2020.5 release contents, see the GitHub milestone.

Upgrading from earlier Seq versions

Seq 2021.1 is an in-place update that’s highly-compatible with earlier Seq versions. Check the upgrade notes if you’re managing a production Seq upgrade.

We’d love your feedback!

If there are improvements you’d like to see in future releases, start a thread on our new GitHub Discussions page and let us know.

Happy logging!

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