371: Jon Kantner

I got to speak to Jon Kantner! Jon is an incredibly prolific creator, and I believe has the most appearances in the CodePen Spark of any creator. Like so many other creators I’ve talked to Jon also shares what he knows in a variety of ways, like writing (see his personal site, or articles he wrote when I ran CSS-Tricks). We got to chat about some of his iconic Pens, his work, and some past fascinations like Tweet-sized code experiments. Follow him on Twitter here.

Time Jumps

00:26 Guest introduction

02:44 What’s a day like as a front end dev?

05:48 SVG Pens

06:48 Skateboard spinner Pen

10:38 Acrobatic tree loader

11:50 Input progress Xmas Pen

13:40 Writing about obsolete technology

16:02 Code golfing

19:25 Navigating without CSS

21:22 What new web tech are you excited about?

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