359: Tiffany Choong

I had tons of fun talking to Tiffany Choong this week! I loved learning her process on creating countless code art Pokémon characters. Just look at it and wing it! Wild. While I’m not nearly as creative as Tiffany, I feel some kinship looking through her Pens. Like how there are all these amazingly creative ones that clearly took tons of effort, that don’t have nearly the hearts they deserve (c’mon dino loader!), and then relatively simple practical Pens (like a menu) that go nuts with popularity and it’s hard to know why.

Time Jumps

01:05 Guest introduction

02:05 Recreating Pokemon

03:15 Rage animation

05:20 What’s your process for drawing shapes?

06:34 Let’s snuggle Pen

07:39 Does your job allow you to use this creativity?

08:37 Using Vue

10:39 Untitled dinosaur Pen

11:19 Education background

15:45 Your favorite pens

16:51 SVG as a medium

21:32 Reaching for CSS instead

24:05 Supporting IE 11

27:01 #CodePenChallenge Pens

28:21 Magical mobile menu

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