364: Varun Vachhar

I got to talk to Varun! Varun is an incredible artist and would have been interesting to talk with him about literally anything, but since he’s dipped numerous toes into the world of NFTs, I wanted to chat with him about that in conjunction with his own art and other artists he’s a fan of.

Time Jumps

00:50 Sharing and teaching in creative ways

02:39 Guest introduction

03:49 What’s Chromatic?

04:35 Infinite pipes

07:52 NFT’s using randomness

11:02 CodePen users and NFT

13:08 When code gets copied for an NFT

15:27 Sponsor: Linode

16:14 Zhi

19:06 Royalties on NFTs and trading

22:29 How much money can you make selling NFTs?

23:49 Metaballs (Pen)

26:21 Walkers

28:24 How do I buy an NFT of a Pen?

31:05 Morphing gradients

33:29 Responding to NFT controversy

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