Outreach Committee March 2022

After a week delay, the Outreach Committee is meeting this Tuesday. If you can make it, we could use your opinions and efforts to help promote .NET to new audiences!

Our meetings are public and anyone can attend. The outreach committee is here to welcome developers of all backgrounds, education, and technology experience into the .NET ecosystem. We are here to help you organize and evangelize with your own .NET communities, opportunities, and events.

Please join us on March 15th at 3pm ET/noon PT/8pm GMT/7am AEDT on Teams at:

March 2022 Outreach Committee Meeting


Shawn Wildermuth
.NET Foundation Outreach Committee

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Help Decide What Questions We’ll Answer at the Face-to-Face Meeting

With the Face-to-Face meeting coming up next week, we wanted to help get the important discussions started. To that end, we’re opening up a place to put your questions and have the community vote the most important ones to ask with our limited time.

To add your questions and vote, please visit:


We’re using this method to gather the questions that are most important to the community. This will become the list of questions from the community on the day of the Face-to-Face events. While we still will be monitoring the chat, we wanted a way for the community to help us field the right and most important questions. Please help us do that.

Don’t forget to join us for the Face-to-Face meeting which you can join on YouTube:

12pm ET/9am PT/5pm GMT

8pm ET/5pm ET/11am AET/8am AWT
Note: Oceania/Asia time zones are +1 day (e.g. Oct 28th)

I look forward to your questions!

Shawn Wildermuth
.NET Foundation