366: Paulina Hetman

I got to talk to Paulina Hetman this week! Paulina is a heck of a creative coder, using her skills as an illustrator and all-around web developer to make ideas come to life. And she doesn’t keep all those ideas to herself, she spends time educating other budding developers both professionally and by building courses and things like her incredibly clever quizzes (as Pens!).

Time Jumps

00:22 Guest introduction

01:12 Making quizzes in pens

05:17 Working with cascade layers

06:20 Using CodePen for teaching

08:38 Homepage design as a pen

09:54 Sponsor: Notion

10:47 Working with WordPress and Automattic

13:23 Working with particles and three.js

17:31 Working with illustrations

19:29 Working with the syntax of CSS

22:10 Horizontal parallax pen

24:15 CSS Shapes forest collection

26:22 Tagging Google fonts

27:36 Landscape in a triangle pen

27:51 When you can’t decide pen

29:39 Header transition pen

Sponsor: Notion

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