.NET 7 Preview 1 Has Been Released

This past week, NET 7 Preview 1 was released! By extension, this also means that Entity Framework 7 and ASP.NET Core 7 preview versions shipped at the same time.

So what’s new? In all honesty not a heck of a lot that will blow your mind! As with most Preview 1 releases, it’s mostly about getting that first version bump out of the way and any major blockers from the previous release sorted. So with that in mind, skimming the release notes I can see :

Progress continues on MAUI (The multi platform UI components for .NET), but we are still not at an RC (Although RC should be shipping with .NET 7)
Entity Framework changes are almost entirely bugs from the previous release
There is a slight push (And I’ve also seen this on Twitter), to merge in concepts from Orleans, or more broadly, having .NET 7 focus on quality of life improvements that lend itself to microservices or independent distributed applications (Expect to hear more about this as we get closer to .NET 7 release)
Further support for nullable reference types in various .NET libraries
Further support for file uploads and streams when building API’s using the Minimal API framework
Support for nullable reference types in MVC Views/Razor Pages
Performance improvements for header parsing in web applications

So nothing too ground breaking here. Importantly .NET 7 is labelled as a “Current” release which means it only receives 18 months of support. This is normal as Microsoft tend to alternate releases between Life Time Support and Current.

You can download .NET 7 Preview 1 here : https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/7.0

And you will require Visual Studio 2022 *Preview*!

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