332: Running the Finances of a Startup

Dee and Chris talk about “everything money-related” at CodePen. Dee has been managing this stuff since CodePen’s beginning. First largely pro-bono (sorry, Dee), then later as a side gig and part-time job. Dee is full-time now at CodePen, but finance stuff is only part of her role (programming being the main job). It’s a lot of work, but she likes being able to influence CodePen for the better from multiple angles.

At a big company, all this finance work would probably manifest as a COO. But CodePen is just a midling startup, too small really for a COO, but also too big for a homegrown spreadsheet. Dee gets into all the work that goes into finance, from the vital documents that are the Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow, to other work like cohort analysis and cap table work.

Time Jumps

00:38 Working with numbers

01:50 How has money been managed at CodePen?

05:39 Outsourcing accounting

20:40 Sponsor: Retool

22:20 What is the finance job at CodePen?

32:43 Tooling for accounting

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