Determine the country code from country name in C#

If you are trying to determine the country code (“IE”) from a string like “Dublin, Ireland”, then generally the best approach is to use a Geolocation API, such as Google Geocode, or Here maps, or the plethora of others. However, if speed is more important than accuracy, or the volume of data would be too costly to run through a paid API, then here is a simple script in C# to determine the country code from a string

The code reads from an embedded resource, which is a CSV of country names. Some of the countries are repeated to allow for variations in spelling, such as “USA” and “United States”. The list is in English only, and feel free to submit a PR, if you have more variations to add to this.

It’s called quite simply as follows;

var country = Country.FromString(“Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland”);

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