A More Tab-Like Look

We’ve got lots of plans for the Pen Editor on CodePen. Of course we do! This is the heart and soul of CodePen. The thing where all the great stuff on CodePen is actually produced. Down the road, there will be more big-bangs where the editor evolves to do bigger and better things (but don’t worry, it’ll keep it’s signature simplicity). But the temper the biggness of those bangs, we’re releasing parts of it along the way that shift some of the look and functionality of the editor.

Some minor aesthetics changes to the @CodePen editor. Some of the colors in use are now more derived from your chosen theme.

Always be baby-steppin’ to the next big thing gnomesayin pic.twitter.com/YmK1W8Y2XB

— Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) August 19, 2021

There has been other small stuff, like the Save Pen Dropdown, and you might have noticed some aesthetic changes to the Export and Share menus:

But this update to the look of the editors themselves is probably the most noticeable change yet. No functionality changes here, just aesthetic again.

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The New Change View Menu

We’ve been plucking away at some UI changes that will help slowly morph our existing Pen Editor into the editor we’re imagining for the future. That will be a big change, someday, but in order to make it feel less abrupt, we’re doing smaller changes where we can so that the final change won’t feel so big.

So anyway, a little update to the Change View menu. Featuring fun animated rotations!

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