356: Amit Sheen

I got to talk with Amit Sheen this week about his journey into creative coding. Even his early work is incredibly interesting and recent work is downright stunning. Now he’s entering a phase of sharing what he knows with workshops like Pushing CSS to the Limit. Here’s a list of Pens we talk about in the podcast (mostly):

Bubbling – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/BxQqxz

Turning pages – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/WNweryv

Bouncing off the walls – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/abBgWvJ

House of CSS cards – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/QWGjRKR

FlipBoxes – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/YzQoMxR

RadioPoles – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/RwZwGVQ

3D Wobbly Disco – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/LYLQQpW4D

4D SimplexNoise – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/XWgVKxO

Typing effect – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/YzZYoMV

Text morphing – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/xxqYzvm

csStickman – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/abLPdoQ

The Lonely Claw – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/yLzWVYo

Newton’s CSS cradle – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/XWMXwvJ

Table tenniCSS – https://codepen.io/amit_sheen/pen/PobQjMX

Time Jumps

00:22 Guest introduction

01:17 2018 Pens

03:14 Smashing Magazine workshop

04:21 Bubbling

07:01 Turning pages

11:29 Sponsor: Retool

12:53 csStickman

17:24 The Lonely Claw

23:29 Bouncing off the walls

26:22 Cheat codes for successful

31:34 Text morphing

34:26 Table tenniCSS

Sponsor: Retool

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