355: With Adam Argyle

I grabbed Adam intending to chat about all sorts of CSS stuff and his work at Google and on VisBug. But then we chatted pretty much the entire time about color and what’s coming there to the web platform.

Time Jumps

00:22 Guest introduction

01:05 VisBug

02:16 Riffing on color

03:26 Display P3

06:28 Lab and LCh

10:49 Sponsor: WordPress on YouTube

11:42 Is Lab more like RGB?

15:18 Lab and LCh vs OkLab and OKLCh

19:08 Creating your own color space

22:49 What is HSV?

25:42 Human compatible color

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354: With Steve Gardner

We’ve got Steve Gardner on this week! We get into all sorts of nitty gritty detail on the ol’ Christmas Cannon, a Pen of pure joy. Steve has some absolute classics that show off the web at it’s very best, like the Airplanes Pen. Can’t beat Steve’s cleverness and execution.

Time Jumps

00:46 Hard to be creative sometimes

01:56 Christmas cannon pen

04:00 Mouthblogging the Pen

06:14 What is Blender?

07:46 How do you plop the graphics together?

11:17 Sponsor: Netlify

12:38 This is for fun

16:43 What’s the deal with your avatar?

18:25 Easter eggs on the web

20:34 Animation and digital design

21:48 Using Greensock

22:35 Airplane Pen

26:05 Do clients want you to recreate your Pens?

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