362: Chris Nager

This week I got to speak with Chris Nager! I’ve known Chris quite a while. I remember being inspired by his hand-drawn SVG plus symbol and subsequent guide to <path> commands, which inspired my own shortly after I was properly obsessed with SVG. We talk about all sorts of things like accessibility, how far CSS has come, and some of the amazing stuff that has shipped recently in Safari Technical Preview. Check out Chris’ Twitter, personal site, and classic great project Give ‘n’ Go, a CodePen/Dribbble crossover website.

Time Jumps

00:24 Guest introduction

01:56 Hand drawing SVG

04:07 Dribbble and CodePen

06:55 Accessibility as a focus

09:04 Color-contrast function

11:30 Color mix function

13:20 inert and letting trim

15:37 Clamp function

16:28 Accessibility and JavaScript or React

22:12 Deploy previews are amazing

28:31 CSS logical properties and values

30:16 ThingUI

33:34 Using ch

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