357: Ryan Mulligan

This week I get to talk to Ryan Mulligan! Ryan put together a Collection of some of his personal picks for favorite Pens and we get a chance to talk through a lot of them. There are some classic moments here I really feel, like when something you consider pretty basic gets way more popular than you ever thought it would. Ryan has a knack for feeling out really cool new technologies and then quickly using them to build great demos that play up what those technologies were born to do.

Time Jumps

00:28 Guest introduction

01:20 The story behind the username

01:58 NFTs and CodePen

03:46 Card Hover Interactions

07:05 Working at Netlify

12:27 Sponsor: Automattic

13:34 Heart Pen

16:47 Flip animation

18:39 Cart animation Pen

23:56 Animated Verbs Pen

26:33 Burger Boxer Pen

28:40 Using React

31:44 Password input Pen

Sponsor: Automattic

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