365: Klare

Klare is moving on from design at CodePen to design at GitHub. Huge congrats Klare! If you didn’t know Klare was our one and only dedicated designer here at CodePen and left a massive mark here in the design and UX of CodePen, the app, as well as internally in our organization practices. I’m talking with Klare here just a few days before her last day to reflect on her years here.

Time Jumps

00:25 Klare’s announcement

01:40 What are some of your work highlights?

04:01 Accessing your work

05:26 Following social feeds on CodePen

08:00 Designing at CodePen

11:27 Leaving behind a design system

14:06 Making incremental changes

16:08 Sidebar nav for an app

18:02 Homepage updates

21:26 Using a common language for code design system

25:35 Documentation and project management

29:08 New job description

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