363: Kyle Shook

This week I got a chance to talk to Kyle Shook. Kyle has started a new job at Foxtrot so we talked about what that process was like. In addition to creating all sorts of incredibly creative work on CodePen (just look at this Collection of Menus), Kyle helps other people level up their front-end skills too, with sites like Frontend Practice.

Time Jumps

00:30 Guest introduction

02:09 Where do you work?

04:37 How’d you find the new job?

12:25 Sponsor: Notion

13:18 What kinds of things did employers look for?

15:57 Hamburger menus

18:31 Bringing text to life series

22:51 Women whispering animation

25:22 Frontend Practice

30:39 Did you design all the projects?

32:35 Holiday sweater generator

34:27 The mine

34:39 Lemons still life

Sponsor: Notion

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