Vehicle licence plate #API available in #CostaRica

Costa Rica is a central American country with a population of just over 5 million, and half of all households in Costa Rica own at least one vehicle. The number of cars in Costa Rica has more than doubled since 2006 to an automotive park of 1,794,658 vehicles registered up to Feb. 2018. 1,166,042 (65%) corresponds to automotive vehicles; 589,037 motorcycles (33%), 20,918 Micro Buses (1%) and 9,661 Buses (0.5%). The average age of a Costa Rican car is 16 years with 2003 models.

As of today, we have launched an API that allows users search for a vehicle registered in Costa Rica using it’s license plate (like BFH467 in the photo above), via the website

Car registration plates in Costa Rica use the /CheckCostaRica API endpoint and return the following information:

Make / Model
Engine size
Representative image

Sample Registration Number: 


Sample Json:


  “Description”: “DAIHATSU TERIOS”,

  “CarMake”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “DAIHATSU”


  “CarModel”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “TERIOS”


  “MakeDescription”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “DAIHATSU”


  “ModelDescription”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “TERIOS”


  “EngineSize”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “1500”


  “RegistrationYear”: “2016”,


  “Transmission”: “MANUAL”,

  “Fuel”: “GASOLINA”,


  “WheelPlan”: “4X4”,

  “ImageUrl”: “”


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