Webinar overview “Building Your First Python Slackbot”

Last week Nafiul Islam invited an expert guest, Mason Egger from DigitalOcean, to do an in-depth coding session on Slackbot creation. Mason walked Nafiul through all the small details that are sometimes not so obvious to those who are dealing with Slackbots for the first time.

Along the way, Mason covered a lot of related topics, such as how Slackbots work, creating virtual environments and why you might want to exclude them from your project, what Droplets are and what you can use instead of them, and even how Discord bot creation is different from Slackbot creation.


Watch the webinar to enjoy the engaging discussion between Mason and Nafiul and to learn how to create a Slackbot of your own!

Written versions of material covered in this live coding session are also available:

How To Build a Slackbot in Python on Ubuntu 20.04

How To Deploy a Flask App Using Gunicorn to App Platform

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