Welcome Akka.NET to the .NET Foundation

Today we’re really excited to welcome Akka.NET to the .NET Foundation. You can read their post on joining the .NET Foundation here.

Akka.NET is a C# and F# implementation of the popular distributed actor model framework originally developed on the Java Virtual Machine by Lightbend. Akka.NET allows you to build highly concurrent applications at any scale; it can run on mobile devices using Xamarin and (soon) Unity3d; it can run inside ASP.NET MVC and WCF applications to help build highly available distributed systems; and it’s about to launch on .NET Core as well to help .NET developers build the next generation of high availability software.

Today Akka.NET is used by large enterprises such as Bank of America, Balfour Beatty, Boeing, S&P Global, and others. And as one of the fastest growing projects on NuGet, we expect that trend to only continue into the future as more and more organizations turn to reactive programming and the actor model to help build their mission-critical systems.

Here’s a short clip of Aaron Stannard, one of the project’s founders, explaining why Akka.NET and other technologies like it are going to play a huge role in the future of .NET development.

If you’re like to learn more about Akka.NET, you should check out the Akka.NET Bootcamp and their official project documentation.

Oh, and Akka.NET is also hosting a project for the .NET Summer Hackfest from August 21 – September 1, so that’s another great way to get familiar with Akka.NET and meet the team!

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