Welcome DNN, NUnit, IronPython, MvvmCross, SourceLink, ILMerge and Humanizer to the .NET Foundation

It’s a big week! Yesterday at Microsoft Connect, we announced that Steeltoe is joining the .NET Foundation. Today, we’re really happy to announce seven more great projects are joining!

DNN Platform (formerly DotNetNuke) is a very popular, full featured CMS Platform with a rich developer community and extension ecosystem. DNN has been a trailblazer in the .NET open source world, released 15 years ago and taking a great leadership role in .NET open source over the years, including of course DNN founder Shaun Walker’s chairmanship of the .NET Foundation’s Advisory Council. Read the DNN Software team’s announcement post here.

NUnit is very popular testing framework. The project has been around since 2000 and by my count has almost 15 million downloads on NuGet (although of course it predated NuGet by over a decade). The NUnit maintainers have worked tirelessly for years to help the .NET community ship higher quality software, and we’re so happy to be able to support this valuable project. The NUnit team has written about joining the .NET Foundation here.

IronPython is another long-running .NET open source project, having been in active development for over a decade. Originally developed by Microsoft, IronPython has been maintained by the community since 2010. We’re happy to invest in this project for the long term, and are excited to be working with the awesome Alex Earl, who’s been leading development efforts for IronPython and the DLR for the past year. Here’s the IronPython team’s post about joining the .NET Foundation.

MvvmCross is a really cool project that helps you build native applications for Xamarin, UWP and WPF using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern. We first worked with them during the .NET Summer Hackfest, and without question they were our model project, with 57 pull requests and a great mini-conference to show for it. They’ve got a great community and an incredibly (frighteningly?) competent leadership team. During our meetings for the .NET Summer Hackfest, we both agreed they’d be a great addition to the .NET Foundation, and we’re so happy to welcome them. Here’s the MvvmCross team’s post about joining the .NET Foundation.

SourceLink is a set of build tools to help create and test support for source linking, which works with the Portable PDB format to download source code on demand while you’re debugging. It’s a great example of the community jumping in to fill in a much needed gap. Cameron’s been working on this for years, and we’re happy to support him and his team.

ILMerge is a static linker for .NET assemblies. ILMerge has saved the day for me more than once, and I was really excited when Mike Barnett reached out to ask about contributing ILMerge to the .NET Foundation. Welcome!

Humanizer is a library that helps you manipulate and display strings, enums, times, numbers and more. It helps you build more friendly applications by expressing programmatic values in clear language: a timespan becomes “1 year, 3 months, 29 days”, it handles text manipulations like hyphenation and truncation, and it works across dozens of languages.

The .NET Foundation has a mandate – and a passion – to support the .NET open source community. We’re thankful for the trust our member projects place in us, and energized by the opportunity to support them.

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  1. Welcome DNN, NUnit, IronPython, MvvmCross, SourceLink, ILMerge and Humanizer to the .NET Foundation – Online Code Generator

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