Welcome Steeltoe to the .NET Foundation!

The .NET Foundation is happy to announce that Steeltoe is joining the .NET Foundation!

Steeltoe is an open source project that enables .NET developers to implement industry standard best practices when building resilient microservices for the cloud. The Steeltoe client libraries enable .NET Core and .NET Framework apps to easily leverage Netflix Eureka, Hystrix, Spring Cloud Config Server, and Cloud Foundry services.

Steeltoe is a rich open source framework, developed by Pivotal. It helps solve some complex requirements of real-world microservices applications such as:

Service discovery via a .NET client for Netflix Eureka
Cloud configuration that leverages Spring Cloud Config Server and a custom .NET Configuration Provider
Circuit Breaker implementation to bypass failing services using a .NET implementation of Netflix Hystrix
Cloud Connectors to automate configuration and wireup for Redis, RabbitMQ, MySQL and Postgres
Cloud Security Providers which integrate ASP.NET Core authentication and authorization with Cloud Foundry security services

For more information, see Steeltoe’s announcement post.

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