Welcoming Okta and Volosoft to .NET Foundation as Corporate Sponsors!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Okta and Volosoft are joining the .NET Foundation as Corporate Sponsors.

Okta and Volosoft join a growing list of industry leaders in the .NET open source ecosystem who support the .NET Foundation as corporate sponsors, including AWS, DevExpress, Endjin, Microsoft, Octopus Deploy, Uno Platform, Progress Telerik, and VMware.

Volosoft, always thinks of open-source first. Volosoft was established based on an open-source project, ASP.NET Boilerplate. They spend most of their time developing open-source projects and building communities, focusing on the ABP.IO platform. As a company that succeeds in building a business model around an open-source platform, Volosoft is aware that it is hard to create and maintain open-source projects.

For more information, please see the announcement from the Volosoft team here.

For more information about the .NET Foundation’s Corporate Sponsor Program, see this page.

Claire Novotny
Executive Director, .NET Foundation

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