What is GIT

In this tutorial, we are going to see What is GIt and why we should use it?

Git is a very useful tool to anyone who writes code or tracks changes to files.

Let us see why every dev should start using this software.

What is GIT

GIT is open source software and the most commonly used version control system.

Software for tracking changes in any files, So you have a record and you can revert to a specific version you should you ever need.

Why it is used?

It is used for source code management.

Git tracks the changes you make to files, so you have a record of what has been done., and you can revert to a specific version should you ever need to.
So, the Version control system allows developers to revert and go back to an older version of the code.

Git also makes collaboration easier by allowing changes by multiple developers to all to be merged in one source.

Projects: Multiple developers work in parallel. – Version Control system like GIT is needed to ensure no conflicts between developers’ code.

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