What is PHP Application Development?

There are several tools and technologies available in the market for developing a website but most of the developers use PHP as the technology for website development. As a result, there has been observed a significant rise in PHP development companies. The following post emphasizes what is PHP Application Development, and why businesses are looking for a reputable PHP application development company

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Introducing PHP in Web Application Development

What Makes PHP a Cut Above?

Benefits of PHP Application Development (From Business Perspective)

Easy to Customize
Secure and Secure
Cross-platform Compatibility


1. Introducing PHP in Web Application Development

Today developing or creating a website has become a priority for any and every business. Whether its web application development or simply it’s about developing mobile apps, choosing the right server-side programming language is equally important. It is a general-purpose, server-side scripting language that runs on a web server and is designed for making dynamic pages and applications.

PHP is a server-side scripting language used for developing web applications. This means the client only receives the output since the processing happens in the server. The processing is done by using the resources of the server before sending the output. This is in contrast to languages like JavaScript in, which the language is processed on the computer of the client and the resources used are from the computer and not a server. Also, you will come across several blogs and articles stating about several development tools for PHP Applications so you can go through them at any point of time you feel like. 

1. What Makes PHP a Cut Above?

1. Overall Structure – Businesses these days require their websites or web apps to be built with a well-maintained structure. And PHP code excels at that kind of web development. Almost every development services provider offer maintenance where the website or web application gets updated at regular intervals.

Above all, if you are new to the web development software environment and are just looking for a place to start, then PHP is not only a great choice but also is still dominating the server-side web development with well over 50% of the market share. The PHP stands at 415,934 numbers in the top programming language usage distribution in the top 1 million sites, which means it is commonly used as 41.59% of the total languages. The open-source language is capable to minimize code utilization and comes with its memory development function. To collect the object codes from outside is not common as far as the PHP based web application is concerned.

2. High Performance & Flexibility – Another mesmerizing feature of PHP code is its kills two birds with one arrow performance and flexibility. You see as web application development is increasing the attention span seems to be decreasing at a quick pace.

Nowadays, most of the users abandon the website which takes more than 3 seconds to load. Hence, the developers have to explore ways to keep the visitors engaged by gaining the website loading speed. It comes with JIT (Just in Time) engine which compiles the PHP code into machine language for better engaging results.

Apart from that, PHP is one of the most flexible programming languages. It enables the programmers for making changes to the code during different stages of development. They can easily add new features or functionality to the website even after writing the code. We can do changes done in existing code and can also modify it to add new features to the website.

3. Fast, secure and strong community support – With speed and performance, the web application development space crave a couple of more things such as open-source and security. PHP uses its own memory and competes well on speed, especially when using the newer versions. There have been questions in the past about PHP security, though it is important to note that it is not inherently more or less secure than other programming languages. One important benefit is that because of its widespread use and community support there are now many tools, frameworks and best practices to help fix vulnerabilities and protect against cyberattacks.

Also, PHP frameworks being an open-source veteran scripting language now have a large and loyal community base to support them. There are tons of tutorials, FAQs, and tips to help new PHP developers and to continue pushing the boundaries of what the language can achieve through regular updates.

2. Benefits of PHP Application Development (From Business Perspective)

Web is taking over the globe, there is no debate about it. Slowly and steadily a web application or mobile app will be found eating the globe (in a good way). And since everything nowadays is accessible through the web, industries and businesses are no longer limited to those brick-and-mortar tactics. Times have now changed and we have now moved to dynamic websites. So, how it made it all easier? PHP web development services did it.

Hypertext processor or PHP for short is the finest tool for developing web applications worldwide. In fact, even Statista says that 85% of all dynamic websites are powered by PHP. This not just shows the immense popularity of PHP but also its intense use among ECommerce websites, CMS driven websites, social networking websites.

Since I have already mentioned what makes PHP a cut-above, it’s time to focus on how the web PHP can become a pure bliss for businesses as well.

1. Easy to Customize

Of course, web applications are no one-time procedures, it’s a constant process that keeps going on and on for years. In fact, certain aspects are there which must be updated at regular times or else you will find your masterpiece lagging behind. Fortunately, PHP provides various extensions that are very helpful in expanding and revising the current features and functionality offered by your website.

Depending on your business needs and time, all you have to do is contact the PHP app development service provider and you will find things done in a customized manner. Moreover, you can get a customized website in PHP according to your industry and the size of your business. This is one of the main PHP web development benefit every business consider before beginning the web development.

2. Cost-Effective

Since we already mentioned that the PHP framework is open-source by nature. Therefore, it is free to use and turns out to be highly cost-effective. Whether you are a large scale company or startup, having developed a website using PHP web development services will never dig holes in your pocket. So, if you are having a small business you don’t need to worry about the expenses of PHP in web development projects. All the type of businesses can afford to use PHP. Moreover, if you are a big business then you can save on your web development and management expenses to a great extent.

3. SEO-Friendly

Today, if you rank on Google you are a celeb. Fortunately, PHP based websites are SEO-friendly. This means they can easily rank. So what else do you want other than serving your visitor in a unique and efficient way with the tailored-made site. With such PHP support and development process, you can easily be different from your competitors. Also, this is the main reason why more and more enterprises are found using PHP applications.

4. Secure and Secure

With PHP, you no longer need to worry about the security of all web applications. It is because PHP provides amazing security which is very effective and efficient in keeping your website away from hackers. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any malicious activities as PHP in a web development project is completely secure. This is one of the best PHP web development benefits that you are not required to spend a huge amount of money for website security. With PHP in web development, your website is not at a risk to safety and security.

5. Cross-Platform Compatibility

PHP is compatible with major operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX, etc. and supports all leading servers (Apache, IIS, iPlanet, etc.).

3. Conclusion

On and all, with PHP it’s all about winning! After all, this is one of the most trusted development languages aids you in developing custom systems or websites to cater to your complex business requirements.

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