What Skills Needed to Become Good Laravel Developer?

Is now a good time to become a web developer or boost the career as one? Technology rules the world, take any innovation into account whether it’s as simple as Whats app or as groundbreaking as eCommerce, gaming, food-delivery, travel booking apps. I mean who could have thought of receiving products at their space just with the help of a few clicks. Every website or piece of software that we encounter has been built by a web developer—but what exactly is web development, and what does a web developer do especially a  team of Laravel developers is what I will be covering in the following post.

Someone being on the outside might find this a bit more complicated, confusing and least interesting field but trust me I have been in this laravel industry for a long haul and somehow the development realm manages to fascinate me and keep me inspired all the time. So let’s begin!

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The Market Scenario of the Development Frameworks
Why Choose Laravel Over Others?
Who is a web or a Laravel Developer?

Work and Responsibilities of Laravel Developers

Qualifications of a Laravel Expert:

Skills Required to Become an Excellent Laravel Developer

Laravel Web Development Skills
Developer Communication Skills
Leadership Quality of a Laravel Programmer

Are You Willing to Hire a Web or a Laravel Developer?

1. The Market Scenario of the Development Frameworks

Web development space seems to have been traveling at a lightning speed. And those who are not riding the wave might have a lot to lose. For those who don’t know web frameworks are platforms that help in sustaining the development of applications ranging from web resources to web services, APIs, etc.

Model-view-controller, push-based v/s pull-based, and three-tier organization are some of the most common architectures on which these web frameworks work. Now what exactly they do is, you may ask? These platforms offer developers a standard method to create as well as install web applications with the help of a different bunch of languages such as Python, PHP framework, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.

Globally speaking the web development market can be segmented based on deployment, language type, solution, end-use industry, and region. Key players like eTatvaSoft operating in the global web framework software market include Sylius, Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Meteor Development Group Inc., LARAVEL, Symfony, Django Software Foundation, Vue.js, Blue Spire Inc. and Cake Software Foundation, Inc. Major players are executing several strategies such as partnerships, acquisitions, R&D investments, and product innovation in order to remain competitive in the web framework software market.

Web Development Market

Now if you have already entered the web development space then you might know the good, the bad aspects but if you are confused that can this industry offer ample opportunity and stability like others then let me tell you that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the economy and on the job market, with hiring slowing down in many sectors but not in the IT industry. If you can build and maintain websites, apps, and software in today’s technology-driven world, you can do wonders. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of web developers is projected to grow 8% from 2019 to 2029—much faster than the average for all occupations.

I am sure you must have noticed that irrespective of the situation going around, scrolling through our favorite social media apps or checking the news, paying for something online, or connecting with colleagues using collaboration software and tools—most of what we do relies on some form of technology. Behind this development, technology is a team of web developers who have not only built it but constantly maintain it to ensure it works flawlessly.

Nowadays, the number of frameworks has been increasing lately. Some of the finest web application frameworks include Ruby on Rails, Django, Angular, ASP.Net, Meteor, Laravel, Express, CodeIgniter and so more. Among all these, laravel rules with elegance, simplicity and readability. Further, I would like to emphasize what exactly is Laravel and the reasons why Laravel remains the leading PHP framework even today.

2. Why Choose Laravel Over Others?

The open-source PHP framework was developed by Taylor Otwell with an objective to deliver a more advanced alternative to CodeIgniter. Due to some of its intimidating features such as Command Line Interface called Artisan, Support for the Database system and migrations, Laravel gained popularity over all these years. Now to become an excellent laravel developer you must learn all the technical advantages of the framework.

1. MVC Architecture

Laravel incorporates MVC (model-View-Controller) architectural pattern, which is pretty easy to use and offers an extremely convenient way to build large or small business applications. By using web artisans, Laravel developers can organize large projects with more than five files for improved maintainability. Now if you work on a large project, chances are pretty much high for you to deal with ample unstructured codes. Here MVC has a big role to play. With MVC, finding files in the logical directories becomes easy when working on large projects. With it, you can control the process of how your application appears in the real world, so you can improve the app for branding purposes.

2. Authentication and Authorization

Another interesting aspect offered by laravel as a framework is that it offers an out-of-the-box configuration for the Authentication and Authorization system. That is, in just a few artisan’s commands your application will be equipped with secure Authentication and Authorization.

3. Template Engines

Programming tasks often require the consistent use of template engines. It works as a basic yet crucial tool for handling a wide range of textual data in web applications. In simple words, the template engine connects the data model, processes the code given in the source templates, and directs the output to a specific text file or stream. To make development processes smooth and easy-going with outstanding layouts, you need a powerful, lightweight, and pre-installed template engine as a laravel developer.

4. Artisan Console

Artisan is the very own command-line interface of Laravel framework technology. Right from publishing packages to assets, managing database migrations, seeding and generating boilerplate code for new controllers, models, and migrations, it covers it all! In fact, most of the team of developers feel extremely blessed to have this feature as it frees them from creating proper code skeletons. One can extend the functionality and capabilities of Artisan by implementing new custom commands.

5. Eloquent ORM

The Eloquent ORM is Laravel’s built-in ORM implementation. Laravel has the best Object-relational Mapper as compared to the other frameworks out there. This Object-relational mapping allows you to interact with your database objects and database relationships using expressive syntax.

3. Who is a Web or a Laravel Developer?

A PHP developer or a laravel developer is a software professional who specializes in the framework. Now since laravel technology itself comprises a wide range of tools and libraries that speed up the development cycle, a laravel developer can focus on design, innovation, functionality, and other things that truly matter.

4. Work and Responsibilities of Laravel Developers 

Like I said before a PHP or a Laravel developer is an IT professional specialized in developing web applications using Laravel Framework within PHP programming language. Now further below I would like to mention some common responsibilities of a laravel developer.

He has to develop, record and maintain cutting-edge web PHP applications on portal plus premium service platforms.
He also requires to build innovative, state-of-the-art applications and collaborate with the User Experience (UX) team.
Must be able to ensure that HTML, CSS, and shared JavaScript are valid and consistent.
Prepare and maintain all applications utilizing standard development tools.
Have a better understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application.
Lead the entire web application development life cycle right from concept stage to delivery and post-launch support.
Convey effectively all task progress, evaluations, suggestions, schedules along with technical and process issues.
Also, have familiarity with the limitations of Laravel as a platform and its workarounds.
Document the development process, architecture, and standard components.
Coordinate with co-developers and keeps project manager well informed of the status of development effort and serves as a liaison between development staff and project manager.
Keep abreast of new trends and best practices in web development.

1. Qualifications of a Laravel Expert

Bachelor’s Degree/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, MIS or similar relevant field.
Proficient in PHP, Javascript, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery, CSS and HTML.
Demonstrated attention to detail – in-depth knowledge of object-oriented PHP and Laravel 5 PHP Framework.

Experienced with SQL schema design, SOLID principles, REST API design
Software testing (PHPUnit, PHPSpec, Behat).
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Working on Laravel won’t be easy so he has to be a creative thinker and a problem-solver.

5. Skills Required to Become an Excellent Laravel Developer

Today’s market seems to be full of all kinds of amazing developers who have been working with a different set of technologies. So what can make you a cut above as a laravel developer? The number one reason is that having some profound knowledge enables developers to accommodate the component solution within a given time without the risk of quality or effective loss.

Further below I would like to mention a few nerve-wracking skills a great laravel developer or a team should have:

1. Laravel Web Development Skills

A Laravel expert must be skilled in fundamental web technologies. Yes, you read it right! He must be knowing everything in regards to CSS, HTML, and JavaScript otherwise they won’t be able to pull off the application. Apart from this, knowing these programming languages work for every web developer and not just laravel.

HTML – HyperText Markup Language lies at the core of every website. Having deep knowledge about this, developers can differentiate elements such as the headline, the body text, and the subheadings in a website.
CSS – Cascading Style Sheets, are mainly used to dictate the way the HTML elements of the website should be displayed on the front-end of the page. While HTML provides the tools for structuring the content, CSS makes it pretty, styling the content.
JavaScript – logic-based programming language takes websites to an even higher level. One of its principal functions is to change the website content and make it behave differently. Think of all the call-to-actions or the confirmation boxes you see daily on websites; they were created by developers using Javascript.

2. Developer Communication Skills

Another basic yet crucial skill required to become a successful laravel or any developer is having effective communication skills. One misunderstanding might end up ruining everything. Now communication is never about simply conveying, it also requires adequate listening. Also, a laravel expert must know how to convey a message with as few words as necessary. Communication isn’t just verbal. People also communicate non-verbally, so our body language and the way we present ourselves make a big difference.

As a developer one shouldn’t be communicating just for the sake of it. He or she must know when their contribution is required and when not! Being a laravel developer, try to make your conversations as productive as possible.

3. Leadership Quality of a Laravel Programmer

Last but certainly not least, today you are a developer but tomorrow you will be shaping communities. A developer must possess some good leadership qualities. Integrity, self-awareness, gratitude, learning agility, empathy, courage, respect are some attributes that developers must take into account. You know what the best part here is, all these attributes can be learned by practicing and repetition.

6. Are You Willing To Hire a Web or a Laravel Developer?

If so, you will find plenty of methods of finding developers. However, not all of them work. For example, freelancing platforms or local recruitment agencies can limit your options and can be time-consuming. But I am sure you will find your way! Just hang in there and don’t give up so easily!

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