Why Startup should prefer Laravel Framework for Web Development?

Making it online has become the new rage these days! Name any business and you will see it striving hard to stand remarkably among its competition. And unfortunately, we don’t have any fairy godmother to magically bestows success. The truth is that you are on your own!

Today, it can be said that websites/apps or having any strong presence online have become a pure necessity. After facing the scariest COVID Pandemic, one thing is for sure that change is inevitable predicting the future is impossible, what can we do is see the possibilities. Right now the best possibility seems to be of conducting a successful web development project.

Leading web development companies like eTatvaSoft are claiming big! It’s time to make the most of them. In today’s business-centric world, it is an arduous task to pick the right PHP web development framework for your business from the many available options. Choice of the correct platform is like an asset for your brand where mere negligence or a wrong step can cause negative results.

PHP is often being used as a basic structure to streamline the development of web apps. Moreover, the framework also ensures speeding up the development process. While looking for the one, you will come across several reputable names such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii, Phalcon, Drupal, jQuery, and the list goes on. Does the following post emphasize why Laravel Framework among all the other options must be preferred for Web Development?

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Meet Laravel
What Should Startups Do Before Developing Web Apps?

Why is Laravel Best Suited For Startup Businesses?

Laravel is Easy to Learn and uUe
Excellent Traffic Management
Maximum Audience Reach
High Adoption Rate
Large and Supportive Community
A Performance Like Never Before
Quick Time-to-Market


1. Meet Laravel

With the increase in tech startups, there has been observed a severe hassle around technology selection. The hassle has grown to such an extent that it seems that it has outshined the chicken-and-egg problem. I have been asked this question an ample of times – Is it the nature of the selected technology that determines implementation success, or the other way round, the hottest startups glorify the programming languages they implement? 

Well, before I give you any straightforward answer, let us get a bit acquainted with the Laravel development technology first. 

Currently, more than 133,573 websites developed on the Laravel platform, it does scores better than other web frameworks – all thanks to its advanced features and development tools resulting in rapid web application development. 

Image Source : Top Industry Verticals

You see! Moreover, these numbers are never going to slow down in the future. Since its inception in 2011 by Taylor Otwell, Laravel seems to have merged as one of the most prominent web development platforms for both developers as well as end-users. How it is beneficial for PHP developers we will discuss later right now its time to figure out how is Laravel development known among its end users.

What is the sure-shot rule of any successful business? It is to put yourself in the shoes of your end customers so that you can give them the best customer experience. 

Image Source : Laravel Usage Statistics

Right from appropriate MC support to eloquent ORM, templating engine, packaging system, Task scheduling,  artisan console, the opensource PHP web framework is a pure attempt to deliver large, intricated and unique feature-rich website or web applications to uplift productivity and gives you better user engagement.  

1. Most Emerging Platform 

With the help of laravel advancements, more and more organizations are found expanding at a relentless pace. The dynamic capacities of laravel platforms make it very responsive and this is one of the key reasons it is likewise reliably included in the Google trends as well in the eyes of the end-users.

2. Safe and Secured

Laravel as a platform is pretty much well-versed in regards to safety and security. Also, you can ask your laravel developers to create the codes and their structure overall that is best in regards to its security. Laravel offers safety efforts that aren’t accessible in some other system. It offers a CSRF token and it deals with all the security aspects of the structure as compared to other PHP frameworks.

Encryption, CSRF protection, API authentication, are some of the best security features offered by Laravel as a framework.

3. Ready-made Application

Dealing with Laravel is pretty much easy for the techies as well as the non-techies. In fact, to ease your work, you can try incorporating those instant applications which can be utilized to add features to the Laravel website. With the accessibility of these instant applications, the general development cost amazingly diminished.

Simplicity is a feature that has always guaranteed great results in the technology space. And Laravel framework kills in this phase, unlike others that take a lot of effort to achieve this.

2. What Should Startups Do Before Developing Web Apps?

Conducting a successful web development project is much easier said than done but it is equally important. Of course, you will be facing unknown challenges like many others but with the right approach, such challenges can be easily overcome. For example by hiring a reputable web development company. But before you proceed any further, here are a few bunches of questions one needs to answer.

Q1. Why do you need to conduct web development?

Just remember never to do anything just for the sake of doing it or because your peers are doing it. Following the herd will lead you nowhere. Instead, try having a clear idea about why you want to come with a laravel application.

It may quite interest you to know that developing an app is just an outer view whereas, beneath it, you will see numerous reasons and strategies attained to it. Let me put it this way, this is just the thread of your bow, which you are pulling to give sufficient pressure to the arrow, and eventually hit the target you have decided.

Q2. Why only this platform and not any other?

Again I am not saying that you should be knowing your platform inside out but you must definitely have a basic understanding of the chosen platform.

Q3. How much will it cost?

This one is pretty basic yet necessary. The answer is it depends primarily on the features you want to have in your Laravel application, the platforms you want to have for it, and likewise. However, roughly we can say that a good application can be expected to stand somewhere in the six-figure cost. In case you wish to lessen the budget, you may go with an offshore application developer.

3. Why is Laravel Best Suited For Startup Businesses?

Here comes the crucial part of the post, why Laravel turns out to be an ideal option to have an edge over competitors. You people ask me why. I say with the promise to enhance the interactivity of your websites and offering some world-class experience to your end customers, why the heck not!  Let’s dive into the details.

1. Laravel is Easy to Learn and Use

Unlike other PHP development frameworks, Laravel turns out to be one of the easiest and the most sought-after server-side scripting languages amongst web developers.

In fact, this makes the whole process of learning and using Laravel very easy. Again, with most startups hiring freshers who (may) lack adequate knowledge and experience, Laravel, can work wonders in training and streamlining your startup business.

2. Excellent Traffic Management

From acquiring attention to maximizing the audience reach, the initial phase of any startup is quite a struggle. As soon as your startup gets popular and starts generating traffic, the struggles remain persistent. Because with more traffic comes the issue of handling a massive number of customer requests per second. This not only increases the hosting cost but, also makes the web server non-responding.

Laravel’s unique ‘message queue system’ also supports effective load balancing and assists to keep your server robust. And all these at the same time while ensuring data integrity and the smooth running of the application.

3. Maximum Audience Reach

The success or failure of any startup business mostly depends on its ability to reach the maximum amount of audiences. Laravel framework comprises an immense number of features and functionality such as multiple platform and multilingual application development support, helps e-commerce businesses and startups in maximizing its audience reach and ultimately enhancing the business potential and revenues.

4. High Adoption Rate

Laravel as technology does have a high adoption rate. And it’s a great thing to consider. I mean if there is a technology that is being adopted at a fanatic pace, the probability of finding experts becomes higher. For a startup, it is always desirable to have many options when it comes to hiring expertise.

5. Large and Supportive Community

Since open source technologies are revolutionizing the way the software works, developing and growing a startup has become easier than ever. The community help is offered by experienced Laravel experts who not only help solve all the difficulties faced by newbies in the Laravel developer fraternity but also make them a pro in resolving issues.

In addition, laravel also facilitates extensive documentation to assist developers in self-learning and improvising with different components of this excellent framework.

6. A Performance Like Never Before

Another strong reason to choose Laravel framework is that this one has the capabilities to enhance the performance of the web application. Being a non-techie you may not be well-versed with the fact that due to certain features and functionalities, the site performance does get affected. But Laravel is a framework that incorporates several tools that help the Laravel developers to boost the web app performance.

Tools like Memcached and Redis end up making things way easier for the developer.

7. Quick Time-to-Market

Speeding up is not just limited to development procedures but also how the framework assists in speeding up overall so the app is launched as soon as possible.

Choosing the Laravel framework speeds up your development of web applications and hence, you can make it live much sooner compared to using other frameworks.

This marks it as the last but not the least reason to choose the Laravel development services.

4. Conclusion

This is it! On and all, the laravel framework has succeeded in creating a benchmark for all the PHP frameworks. They better buck up or else nothing can stop this one from sustaining in the top position for the long run.

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